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Welcome to oonek.com. The following terms and conditions govern the use of the website, products and services we offer. By using this website, book a service, or contacting us, you agree to follow these Terms and Conditions.

Here at oonek.com, we reserve the right to change or modify this Agreement, Security Statement, or other documentation, or modify and discontinue any portion of its services, products, features and functionality at any time, without prior notice to you. Please visit the website for any such changes, which will be effective at the time changed. The user agrees that the Company will not be liable to users or any 3rd party for modifications or users’ ability to access the platform.

Use of the website/ platform:

As a user, you are not:

  • Allowed to resell the hotel or flight deals, and other products or services we offer on the website
  • Allowed to make any modification to the content posted by the Company or other users on our website, Facebook page or forums
  • Allowed to copy, reproduce or download any content without taking written permission of the company
  • Allowed to provide us with fake information or act as other individual
  • Allowed to use violent, harsh, abusive language in your messages.

You agree not to convey, communicate or transmit anything that is illegal, libelous, harassment or in violation of the rights of others.

Products/ Services

Our platform is designed to provide users with price comparisons, and we do not manage/ control the services provided by hotels. Only the hotel or flight providers are responsible for the products and services; your interaction with them is at your own risk. Oonek is not responsible in the event something goes wrong with the booking services.


As a user, you are allowed to make a booking through our platform, and the information will be forwarded to the relevant providers. We act as an interface and are not responsible in case the booking is cancelled by the flight or hotel provider. All the prices are listed by providers and we have no control over their deals.


Oonek.com is not liable for any action performed by you or anyone who operates your account. The information contained on the website is for informational purposes only and we are not liable for any service offered by these third parties. We do not endorse any third party service so it is advised to consult your physician before using any service.

Information Security:

Your information is safe with us. We have implemented several security policies to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to your information. We do not store your sensitive information, and reliable third party companies are used to manage your information while you process any financial transaction on the website. The information is encrypted and will not be available to anyone.

Personal Info:

  • We do not store your financial information when you conduct any financial transaction on the website. A third party secured platform is utilized to handle the information.
  • While contacting us, the information provided by you MUST be correct and up-to-date, and we do not allow anyone to infringe third party copyrights. You must not impersonate any other identity or business.
  • We do not tolerate any kind of fraudulent activity conducted by any user. We reserve the rights to delete any information (or seize access to our website) in case a user violates our terms and conditions.
  • Oonek.com also welcomes your feedback and suggestions. You agree that all feedback becomes our confidential information and you waive any rights regarding intellectual property for suggestions provided.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the services offered on the website, please contact us and we will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Payment Terms:

The prices are listed by the hotel or flight providers and we do not reserve the rights to change the pricing structure. As user, you agree that you will not use a fake credit card to complete any transaction. In case we suspect any fraud transaction, we reserve the right to terminate your access at our sole discretion. We accept Visa for payment and the transaction can be conducted on our platform, or on the provider’s website.

Disclaimers and Liabilities:

Oonek.com, its employees or any other parties currently or previously involved in the design, production, creation, or delivery of the website and services, are not liable for any direct or in-direct damages, such as lost profits, opportunity costs or other effects resulting from the use of the website, related services, a linked website, the delay or in-ability to use the website or a third party website, regardless of whether Oonek.com is aware of such issues or the possibility of these kind of damages. The limitation involves, but is not limited to, the transmission of any data, malwares etc. that might affect your or anyone else’s electronic device, any in-compatibility between the app/ website design or files and your browser(s), any failure of your internet access, or un-authorized access, or any natural or non-natural disasters. The content, accuracy, opinions, and links displayed by other websites are not necessarily investigated, analyzed, checked, or endorsed by Oonek.com.

All the content, images, videos, logo and other information is sole property of Oonek.com and you are not allowed to resell it. In case any third party website or platform is mentioned on the website, that is just for informational purposes and we do not reserve the rights to those properties. In the event you notice any copyright infringement, please contact us and we will take appropriate action to remove the content/ information from our website.

No Warranties:

All solutions and information on the site are offered “as is” with no warranty, implied or expressed. Oonek.com is not responsible for the reliability or timeliness of any information or projections on the site, and data updates are not promised on a specific schedule. It is your responsibility to assess all such information that is available on the platform. You agree to indemnify Oonek.com harmless from any kind of liability, claim, loss or expense, which also includes attorney’s fees related to your violation of the agreement or the use of these services offered at the site.


Oonek.com does not take any responsibility of risks that you, as a user might face. We suggest you not to utilize a product in case you are not certain about the description listed by the company.

Using our website, services etc. you can connect and share your comments, actions and other information with users. In the event you decide to share your personal information with other users, we suggest you to keep your privacy in mind. We are not liable for any privacy or security in case you choose to make your information available to the public.

Contact Us:

If you have any question or need more information about how we work, please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our first priority.


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